What’s The Deal With Drywall Disposal in Greater Victoria?

Drywall Removal, Hauling and Disposal Victoria BC

With the amount of residential tear downs and home remodeling and renovations going on throughout the city this is a very common question we are asked about our roll off containers.  The CRD estimates that approximately 30% of all construction/demolition waste is drywall.

Do We Accept Drywall In Our Roll Off Bins?

We CAN and DO take disposal bins full of drywall but there are a few restrictions laid out by the CRD (Capital Regional District) in regards to drywall disposal that must be strictly adhered too.

Any drywall we allow into our bins for disposal must have a date stamp after 1990.  If the drywall was manufactured after 1990 then we can take it for you without issue.

If the drywall was manufactured prior to 1990 then it could have hazardous materials such as asbestos contained within and the drywall will need to be tested by an appropriate facility.

Important Drywall Note:  If you fill one of our bins with drywall missing it’s date stamp or without the proper testing and paperwork necessary for disposal it will be assumed the load is contaminated and you will be billed for the clean up accordingly.  It’s not cheap! Please be responsible.

How Do We Know When Your Drywall Was Manufactured?

Drywall usually has a date stamp on the backside of the drywall.  If your drywall doesn’t then it’s your responsibility to have the drywall tested prior to filling one of our bins.  We don’t make these rules, but we do have to abide by them like any responsible business should to ensure the safe disposal of potentially hazardous materials in our community.

There are several different testing labs in the Greater Victoria area that are equipped to test drywall samples from the public and/or contractors.

These professional drywall sampling services can cost anywhere from $25-$50 per sample.  The process is very simple as you’ll just need to bring in a small piece or section of drywall that has some mud or plaster on it (the size of a small plate is fine).  The turn around time is fairly quick so you should have your results (and required documentation) back within 48 hours.

Local Labs That Do Drywall Testing To Confirm Presence or Absence of Asbestos

  • Maxxam Analytics: 250.385.6112
  • Northwest Environmental: 250.384.9695
  • Pacific Environmental Consulting: 250.380.3911
  • AREC Environmental: 778.351.1966
  • Sky Environmental: 250.474.5145

We’ll need the documentation you’ve received that proves your drywall is Asbestos free before it can be thrown into one of our bins and hauled to the appropriate facility for disposal or recycling.

How Do You Handle Drywall That Has Been Tested Positive For Asbestos?

Asbestos Contaminated Drywall RemovalWe don’t!  You’re going to need to deal with an Asbestos abatement or hazardous waste company to remove your asbestos contaminated materials safely.  There is lots of misinformation out there regarding the handling of asbestos laden materials, particularly drywall.

Materials that potentially contain asbestos must be handled correctly or you risk exposing yourself, your loved ones and other people to airborne asbestos fibers which can remain airborne for several hours after disturbing them and they have very nasty health consequences.  Don’t risk it.