Concrete and Rock Dumpsters

10 Yard Rock Box and Concrete Dumpster Rentals Victoria BC to Sidney BC

Tearing up and removing an old concrete driveway for recycling?  Removing an old concrete slab or brick patio that is getting replaced?  If you need to remove or haul away concrete, rock, brick or block then a reinforced rock box dumpster is the right piece of equipment for your job.

We Offer 10 and 12 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster Bins For Concrete, Rock and Aggregates

Fast, efficient delivery and on-time pick-ups are our first priority.  When you choose Island Pro Bins we’ll deliver your bin when you want it, where you want it and we’ll come pick it up and dispose of all the concrete, rock, block, brick or gravel at the appropriate local recycling or sorting facility.

Materials You Can Throw In Our Bins

  • Concrete and cement from driveways, patios, foundations.
  • Asphalt from driveways.
  • Concrete retaining walls.
  • Stone retaining walls.
  • Brick, block and pavers.
  • Sand, gravel and aggregates.

Special Considerations You Need To Know About

  • Concrete with rebar or lots of dirt/wood (dirty concrete) needs it’s own bin.

Which Landscape Dumpster Size Is Best For Your Project?

The size of dumpster you’ll need for your project will depend on a few things.

  1. The size of your project.
  2. The space available on-site.
  3. The weight of the concrete, brick, stone etc…

12 Yard Dump Body Dumpster Rentals.12 Yard Dump Body Dumpster

A 12 yard dump body dumpster is popular with construction and landscaping where the removal or delivery heavier materials is required.  The 12 yard dump body dumpster is perfect for delivering or removing sand, gravel, river rock, stone, concrete, bricks, aggregates and other landscaping and construction materials.

10 Yard Rock Box and Concrete Dumpster Rentals Victoria BC to Sidney BC10 Yard Rock Box or Concrete Dumpster Rental

A 10 yard rock box and concrete dumpster is another dumpster size that is popular with construction and landscaping where they are dealing with concrete, rock, brick, block and other heavy construction waste.

Asphalt and Concrete Weight Calculator

Use the handy calculator below to calculate the weight of Concrete or Asphalt to decide on what size of bin or how many bins you’ll need to have on-site.

Type Of Material
Asphalt Concrete
Square Footage of Material
Thickness of Material(inches)

This is not an exact estimate. There are many factors that could affect the weight of your debris. This will give you a good ball park idea.